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So I have finally reached my first semi-milestone: 500 followers! I can’t believe that there are over 500 of you that are interested enough in my crazy self to follow me. It is all very astounding considering that I’ve only been an active member of this fandom for less than 6 months. So as a thank you, I decided to put together this little follow forever.

Each and every one of you are amazing and special to me. First (and most importantly) I’d like to thank my Tumblr bff Haleigh for always supporting, encouraging, and freaking out with me. You are seriously the best. My Tumblr experience would be nothing without you. I’m so glad that we found each other.

Below are a few of the people who brighten up my dash daily. And although I wasn’t planning on it at first, I even included some of those who don’t follow me, but I feel like they deserve the credit. I am extremely sorry if I forgot someone.

~ A-D ~

ayekillian, bemusedbicycleblaaaaackbeeeeaaardblowmiakisscolin, boyfriendhook, buttercupsandhookscaptaincronut, captainswanandclintashacaptainswanghshipper88carmi-believes-in-love, cheekyhookcs-aura-fluffer, charleia, darylldixondeathbyhookdeputyhook

~ E-H ~

emmaducklingswanemmafoundtallahassee, giggleswangp28writer, holdingoutforapiratehero, hookedonforesthookier, hooks-and-hero-ness, hookskrakenhookslovelyswanhooksnewhope

~ I-L ~

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~ M-P ~

mintchocotea, montanarosalie, musingsfrommymessymindohmycapswanoncertwice, onceuponajollyroger, onceuponamirroropenstorybookspiratessavior, pirateswaan, proudblueeyesthings

~ Q-T ~

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~ U-Z ~

vheaanne, yohoyohoadisneylifeforme

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    Haleigh!!! OMG CONGRATULATIONS!!! You deserve every follow you receive! You are one the sweet people I know on here!!!...
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    Awwww, thank you so much sweetie!!
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    Omg sweetieee! Right back at you, I’m so honoured to be in your list! You’re also so dear to me (and I love your...
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    Congrats on 500 followers bb! And thanks so much for including me :)
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    Awww sweetie!!! Thank you so much for including me and congrats on your semi-milestone!
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    Thank you so much, Haleigh! You are such a sweet, talented, and overall amazing person! I’m so so glad we got matched up...
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    Wow! Thank you! *hugs*
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    ACK! Thanks so much for the inclusion, dear! You are the best, and happy 500!
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    Aww thank you so so much darling! So sweet for you to include me in this. Congrats on your milestone ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
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    Aww, thanks, hon! Love ya lots! :)
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