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this is how you fall in love

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The Apprentice + Together

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Here, have a gif set of Killian pulling out Emma’s chair for her on their date. That actually happened. The date between Emma and Killian. The Captain Swan date. You know, the one that actually happened. Yeah. It happened. 

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onceuponajollyroger replied to your post:Don’t you just love it when the muse is flowing…


I AM, WOMAN! Hopefully I’ll have some work for my lovely beta to read over soon? ;) *hint, hint*

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Emma & Killian + making bedroom eyes at each other on their date

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Don’t you just love it when the muse is flowing and it just won’t stop?

This rarely happens so I’m going to enjoy it and use it for all it’s worth while I can.

Happy writings ahead.

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#look at these precious idiots #they’re both so screwed and they know it

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Can we talk about how Emma’s body language in this scene is SCREAMING:

"lol honey you’re so cute apologizing and stuff but I really wish you would stop talking, push me up against this wall and make out with me."

Because if you can’t see how bad she wants him right here… you’re wrong.

please consider this is the first time ever (the kiss in Neverland doesn’t really count) that Emma Swan is far hornier than messieur CAPTAIN INNUENDO

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Will you go out with me again?

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Snow being adorably excited for her daughter’s first ball date

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(This amazing GIF banner was made by the SpongeBob to my Patrick, neverlandspirate)

Why, hello there, friends! I just recently somehow made it to one-freaking-thousand followers, and I am utterly flabbergasted by that. I can’t believe that so many of you find my blog/posts/ramblings worthy of your dashboard, but for some reason you do, and I will never get over that. Thank you to all of my followers for following me of course, but also for being so kind and open and much nicer to me than I deserve. It really means a lot. I’ve met some really lovely people in this fandom, and below are all of the blogs that I follow.

(The emboldened blogs are people that have helped make this whole blogging experience just so much fun. I would be constantly bored without them, and each and every one of them holds a special place in my heart. They are my friends, but they’re also wonderful people that I’ve honestly enjoyed getting to know. The blogs in italics are those that I visit often, whether for fics/edits/gifsets or whatnot, they are also shining beacons of talent, worthy of our recognition.)


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(Now, I don’t imagine that I’ve forgotten anyone, but if you follow me and don’t see yourself listed here, just shoot me a message!)

NICKI YOU PRECIOUS THING! Congrats on reaching 1K! It’s such a huge achievement and you definitely deserve it. BUT BOLD AND ITALICS?! I don’t deserve you. Thanks so much for the kind words and including me! :D

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#i’d like to thank the OUAT lighting department for this scene

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