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An Enchanting New Season is about to unfold.

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#a pirate who pines for you

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Once Upon a Time/Beauty and the Beast- The Iconic Dance.

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Elsa, Anna, Kristoff, and Sven on Once Upon a Time.

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Home isn’t just a place, home is where family is. Home is a person, a child, her mother, a father, a lover-those people, they give you roots, they bring you home
                                                           -Storybrooke, it’s my home
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I might have just sort of freaked out seeing the OUAT promo on my tv. Although I’ve seen it plenty of times of here, I don’t know, seeing it actually on my tv makes it so real.

26 DAYS!


                                              "I came back to save you."                                                                                                             the story of a pirate and a princess.

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If You Can’t Take the Heat (2/8)


Summary: Emma Swan’s life as a food critic might not have been ideal, yet it was the cards dealt to her. But what happens when Killian Jones – a culinary rival from her past – shows up, living the dreams she never fulfilled? Will she finally move past her bitterness and open up to him or will the dark secret of her past get in the way?

Captain Swan Chef/Food Critic AU, T rated (for now), loosely based on this drabble, special thanks to my bestie, Haleigh, for being my beta.

Part 1 or read on


The smell of freshly baked goods filled the apartment, a wide variety of icing containers scattered across the kitchen island. Emma took the spare moment to pull her golden locks back into a messy ponytail, having the timer go off just seconds later. With a huff, she slipped on her oven mitt and pulled the warm cupcakes out, setting them carefully on the counter before shoving another batch inside.

Wiping her forearm across her sweaty brow, she grabbed the mixer and began to put together another batch from scratch. Baking was always Emma’s way of getting out her frustrations. It was her go-to remedy (it always made her feel better and she got delicious sweets out of it - not a bad deal really).

Emma was so closely hovered over the buzzing mixer that she didn’t hear the sound of her apartment door opening and closing. The whirring of the beater was loud in her ears, her face scrunched in concentration to get the recipe just right.

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Favourite Captain Swan scenes in no particular order [5/?]

Wait, were you two…?

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"Hi, I'm Haleigh and I'm a total sweetheart! I write absolutely incredible fics, make gorgeous edits and take great joy in overwhelming people with feels. Disclaimer: I cannot be held responsible for any pain, suffering, excessive fangirling or flailing, of any kind, as a result of my beautiful, beautiful words."


Oh wow. This is too perfect, Anisa. THANK YOU!

(And I loooove the disclaimer. All kinds of amazing.)

impersonate me in my ask and i’ll put it in my about me

"Hi, I'm Haleigh! I have the best name ever. I'm absurdly talented at gif making and writing fics, it's totally unfair. I'm the AU princess, and my graphics are freaking gorgeous. I'm also super nice and fun to talk to. I'm pretty fantastic."

ASLDKFLSAD. You are so amazing and sweet and I don’t deserve you.

Thanks for being the best bestie, ever!


Sav, you are too sweet. I’M SO GLAD I FOUND YOU! Thanks, darling. ILY <3

impersonate me in my ask and i’ll put it in my about me

"Hi! I'm Haleigh, I write awesome fic and am pretty much the nicest person you'll ever meet. I'm a Disneyphile and a Hardcore Captain Swan shipper. I also make some pretty cool edits and Photography is my passion."


Sav, you are too sweet. I’M SO GLAD I FOUND YOU! Thanks, darling. ILY <3

impersonate me in my ask and i’ll put it in my about me